The refined streets of North and South Rosedale house many of Toronto's finest Grand Dames and most beautiful gardens all within close proximity to schools, parks and amenities.

Welcome to Rosedale

Toronto Midtown Neighbourhood


It is easy to lose yourself amongst the manicured gardens and winding historic roads of one of Canada’s most elegant neighbourhoods.

Whether born knowing the route to Crescent and Glen Road’s stone bridges linking North to South Rosedale or not (keep Google Maps turned on!) it will only take a moment to feel the regale grandeur of Rosedale.

Many of Toronto's largest single family downtown lots  are nestled in intimate enclaves between Moore Park, Vale of Avocado, Chorley Park, Craigleigh Gardens, Rosedale Ravine and Rosedale Park where families meet for local sports events.

Predominately detached homes are one of the distinctive features in this area with its low rise profile. A few well maintained apartment buildings, co-ops and glamorous 7 Dale condominium (currently under construction) add to the neighbourhood mix.

Homes west of Mount Pleasant have the added bonus of walking to the Yonge and Bloor street stores or shopping at the famous ‘Five Thieves’ Summerhill market strip and LCBO.

Majestic Glen Bridge extends south towards Bloor Street and north to Summerhill Avenue where you will find a discreet strip of convenient retail stores. Summerhill Market offers free parking and staff that still load groceries into your car.

A striking variety of modern homes have added a new dimension to the Heritage Victorian, Georgian, Tudor, and Edwardian homes built predominantly between 1860 and 1930.

The community boundaries are within the Toronto Rosedale-Moore Park neighbourhood, from Bloor St. north to the CPR (Canadian Pacific) railway tracks, and Yonge St. west to Bayview Ave.


  • Chorley Park.
  • Craigleigh Gardens.
  • Rosedale Park.
  • Whitney Park.
  • David A. Balfour Park.
  • Beaumont Park.
  • Park Drive Reservation Lands.
  • Beltline Trail.

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