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416 Residences of exceptional design | 85 storeys high as tallest building in Canada | Foster + Partners world-renowned design | Curtain of glass 35 feet high on ground floor | Airy, open living spaces | Innovative structurally engineered hybrid exoskeleton, a structure built 6 times stronger than a typical high-rise | A distinct, new landmark on Toronto’s skyline
This Is the One. The Tower That Changes Everything. Created by World Renowned Architects, Foster + Partners. Innovative Structural Engineering. Designed as a Hybrid Exoskeleton. Metallic Trusses and Repeating Textural Patterns Form a Sculptural Luminous Exterior.
This is the One. Some Opportunities only come along once. There are some things you simply cannot duplicate, whether it’s an opportunity, an experience, a certain personality or a gift of creative intelligence. They are singular. They come along only once. And when you see them, you know. The same holds true for a place, a location that simply does not compare to any other because of its individual attributes, its character and its possibilities. That is true for THE ONE in Toronto, a mixed-use, high-rise building to be designed by Foster + Partners, one of the most innovative architectural firms in the world. Structurally engineered with an exoskeleton, a signature of Foster + Partners, THE ONE maximizes sunlight and expansive views as no interior pillars or columns are needed. The building’s skin of glass is encased in metallic branches that provide the support on the outside rather than on the inside, as traditional structures do. As a result, the retail stores over eight floors of the high-end podium complex are stunningly beautiful jewel boxes; pristine, open spaces with uninterrupted walls of glass and 20 ft ceiling heights that can be custom-designed with maximum flexibility. Created to be a luxury shopping destination where shoppers will want to spend extended periods of time in the airy, art-flled public spaces.
THE ONE retail complex is an innovative and inspiring addition to Bloor Street West, the leading high-end marketplace in Canada. Situated at the intersection of Yonge and Bloor – the central axis of Toronto, North America’s fourth largest city – THE ONE has the advantage of being in the midst of the highest consumer traffic in the country. The location has a combined total of 401,250 subway riders per day; a 24-hour pedestrian volume of 51,392 and a 24-hour vehicle volume of 31,600. Directly connected underground to both the main east-west subway line of Bloor and the main north-south subway line of Yonge, THE ONE retail complex is not just a convenient destination but one that will draw customers with its high-design environment, fag ship retail stores, restaurants and beautiful civic atrium that celebrates and enhances urban life. The One will be an address that will have an important place in the life of Toronto. Nothing is comparable.
Every Room Showcases the Glory of the View. Living High in the Sky, Your’re the First to See Tomorrow. The Last to See Yesterday.
Reaches the Clouds Yet Meets the Ground in a Curtain of Glass. Poetic Architecture Welcomes the City With Lightness and Grace at the Destination Intersection That Draws the World In.
In the heart of Toronto’s affluent midtown. The intersection of Bloor and Yonge in midtown Toronto is a point of transformation, where the city takes on an affluent uptown sensibility that’s different from the downtown. Flagship stores for high-end global brands along with popular outdoor cafes, pedestrian-friendly streets, a modern urban park created with ancient granite rocks and shaded seating as well as a heritage neighborhood known for its charming, Victorian architecture, make this part of Toronto a popular shopping destination throughout the week and all through the seasons. It is a highly walk-able part of town, where people come with the sole aim to stroll along the streets to shop, dine and visit the numerous cultural institutions. Since 2002, over 3,000 residential units (condominium and rentals) have been either constructed or proposed in the Bloor-Yorkville area, with the highest price-per-square-foot rate in the city (averaging $915 per sq.ft.), almost double the rates than those in other parts of the Greater Toronto Area.
THE ONE will have a residential tower with 416 condominium suites, custom-built to buyers’ specifications. The Mizrahi Developments brand is known for its craftsmanship, high attention to detail, innovation and superior qualifications. The company anticipates the needs and expectations of the global, affluent consumer. Mizrahi Developments’ record breaking sales of luxury properties and boutique projects prove an understanding of this demographic. Located at the busiest pedestrian and subway intersection in Toronto – a combined total of 401,250 subway riders per day; a 24-hour pedestrian volume of 51,392 and a 24-hour vehicle volume of 31,600 – THE ONE is perfectly poised to be a major shopping destination that contributes to the sophistication of the area, bringing more high-end retailers and reasons for people to come. More than 30,000 people live within an 800-meter radius. To the northwest is Forest Hill and to the northeast is Rosedale, both of which are historically the most wealthy enclaves in Toronto and continue to be sought-after neighborhoods for the country’s elite. For these people in the vicinity, Bloor West is their primary shopping area where they buy their essentials as well as their luxury items. The average annual income in Yorkville, Forest Hill and Rosedale is $189,000, $246,000 and $301,000 respectively, according to Census data. The median age across all nearby neighborhoods around Bloor-Yorkville in this demographic study was mid-30s for both men and women.
At the Nexus of Culture and Entertainment. Walk to Flagship Stores and Global Brands. Celebrated Restaurants, Galleries and Museums, and the Historic Campus of the University of Toronto

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